November 15, 2016

Team NP Finishes 2nd at the BEAT Invitational

by Team NP

Team NP made their LAN debut at the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational in Montreal. Coming in as a last-minute replacement for Digital Chaos, our players were eager to sharpen their skills against some of the best professional Dota 2 teams around the world.

The team started off strong, beating the Boston Major European qualifier winner, Ad Finem, with a score of 2-1. In the next round however, they were unable to find a weakness in the TI championship squad of Wings Gaming and fell to the lower bracket.

Upper bracket results

NP then fought for their tournament lives in best-of-one series, defeating Alliance in their first LB matchup and subsequently gaining their first series win over Evil Geniuses. The team then beat EHOME in a best-of-three bringing them to the grand finals to meet the only team to beat them this tournament, Wings Gaming.

Upper bracket results

After a strong start with a Drow lineup, Team NP looked dominant in what seemed to be their first victory over Wings Gaming. However, with some amazing teamfight coordination and individual play from Shadow, Wings demonstrated the skills that made them the best Dota 2 players in the world.

Following a heartbreaking loss in Game 1, NP were unable to mount a comeback in the following match, losing the series and placing 2nd in the tournament. NP.EternaLEnVy and Wings.shadow share a moment after the final game.

The players on Team NP are content with the results of this tournament. While a victory would have brought back memories of a legendary MLG Columbus run prior, the team’s passion burns bright as they prepare for their next LAN at The Summit 6, where they will be meeting Wings Gaming again in the first round.

We are extremely grateful to Northern Arena for inviting us to our first LAN and for hosting a great tournament. We would also like to thank the fans and our sponsors for their continued support!